US/ICOMOS Urges US Leaders to Continue Engagement in the World Heritage Program

US/ICOMOS has produced a resolution urging “the President and Congress of the United States, through the United States Departments of the Interior and State, to remain robustly engaged in, and supportive of, the World Heritage Program and to provide funds to both support World Heritage nominations of sites in the United States and contribute payments to the World Heritage Fund in order to demonstrate leadership in, and support for, the important work of ensuring global peace through the mutual respect of heritage of outstanding universal value.” The resolution was inspired during the closing plenary session of the US/ICOMOS Leadership Forum on November 30, 2017.
We are currently soliciting sign on by our national preservation partners and encourage our members to encourage organizations to which they belong to sign on with US/ICOMOS by March 8, 2018. Next steps include:

  • Incorporating the points of the resolution in a letter that will be transmitted to the appropriate contacts in the White House, in Congress (especially select members from states with non-NPS sites on the US World Heritage Tentative List), and in the United States Departments of Interior and State
  • Working with national partners to include a World Heritage bullet in the talking points that can be used by preservation advocates during Advocacy Week meetings with members of Congress, March 12-14.

Please share the resolution and letter widely! Contact Bill Pencek ( for further information.

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