Support the International Exchange Program

The International Exchange Program would not be possible without the generous support of our Sponsors and Donors. Each contribution enables us to offer more training opportunities that facilitate the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and global best practices of historic preservation and heritage conservation.

“During my internship, I gained a deeper understanding of the functioning of a NPS site, its various teams, and roles they play in preserving the place. Working in the Missions also allowed me to learn more about the local Tejana community and their history, and research on their relationship with their cultural identity.”

-Vanille (pictured left), IEP 2023 at San Antonio Missions National Park

“My internship helped me learn a new program, Arc GIS Pro, and understand how to use it in relation to heritage and the impact of climate change.  I also really appreciated the opportunity to see how institutions in the heritage field, such as the NCPTT and Puerto Rico SHPO, work together.”

-Anton, IEP 2023 with the NCPTT and Puerto Rico SHPO

Support the International Exchange Program

Meet Our Partners

We would like to express our profiund gratitude to the following Sponsors and Donors who have generously contributed to the International Exchange Program since 2001. Their support has helped us provide over 700 Emerging Professionals with cultural heritage internships in over 100 countries.

2023 Program Sponsors

Past Program Sponsors


Mrs. Aribel Acosta De Rodriquez

Gustavo Araoz

Issac-Daniel Astreachan

Charles H. Atherton, FAIA

Erica C. Avrami

Katherine Howes Barth

Kathleen M. Best

Marian Bienvenu

C. Richard Bierce, AIA

Sarah Boasberg

Suzanne Deal Booth

Peter & Susan Brink

Kyle R. Brooks

Giorgio & Marilyn Buccellati

Raffaella Corrieri*

Elliot and Dori Carroll

Caroline Cheong*

Paul C. Cloyd

William S. Colburn

Douglas and Elizabeth Comer

Mrs. Ernest A. Connally

Ed Crocker

Hiroshi & Alison Daifuku

Joshua David

Hester Davis

Degenkolb Engineers

Ellen Delage

Georgia Delano

Maria De La Torre

Francoise MM Descamps

Kent Dieboldt

Mary B. Dierickx Architectural Preservation Consultants

Martina T. Discoll*

Jeff Eley

William L. Ensign

Coralie Farlee

Ms. Janet W. Foster

Steve Freyalderhoven

Shalie Gasper*

David Gibson

W. Douglas Gilpin, Jr., FAIA

Cari Goetcheus*

Sarah Goldblatt

Susan T. Goodfellow

Marylinda Govaars

Gray and Pape

William Greer

Kathryn Gualtieri

Nan Gutterman

Gina Haney*

T. Gunny Harboe

Pamela W. Hawkes

Margaret M. Hickey

Michele Hiltzik

Alison K. Hoagland

Steven Horton

Robert Hotes*

Jennifer Huang

Katherine A. Hughes*

Kathryn Irwin*

Rachel Jacobson

Thomas M. Jeffirs

Pamela S. Jerome

Sallye & Jim Jude

Mary Kay Judy*

Morag Kersel*

Russell V. Keune, FAIA

James Patrick Kiernan

Grachel Kubaitis*

Sara Lardinois*

Antoinette J. Lee

Charles Liebs

Brian Michael Lione* and Hillori Schenker

Li/Saltzman Architects, PC

Philip Cryan Marshall

James F. McConnell

Catherine Miliaras

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Miller

John Monroe*

Terry & M. Hamilton Morton, Jr.

Bonita J. Mueller

William J. Murtagh

Catherine Myers

Darwina L. Neal, FASLA

Mr. David J. Neuman

Saidee W. Newell

Kate Burns Ottovino

Mrs. Kenneth Dale Owen

Andrew Phillips

Constance Werner Ramirez

James Reap

Tina Roach*

Ilaria Rosetti*

Andy R. Rutz

Maria Sanchez-Carlo

Ann Satterthwaite

Kristin Sechler*

Eduard F. Sekler

Carol and Joe Shull

Vinita Beant Sidhu*

Simpson Gumpertez & Heger, Inc.

Ann Webster Smith

Robert E. Stipe

Samuel N. Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stone

Hisashi B. Sugaya

Mary Elisabeth Swerz

Stephen Thayer

Troy Thompson, AIA*

Patterson DeTeel Tiller

Ann Townsend

Catherine Truman

Vertical Access

Tom Vitanza

Gene H. Watson

Christine Whims

Thomas Whitehead

Robert and Patricia Wilburn

John and Nancy Wirth

Peter Wollenberg/Wollenberg Conservation

Anthony C. Wood

Barbara Zay

* indicates former intern