Monuments Toolkit

Over the last several years, the intersection of heritage, governance, and how citizens interact with pieces of the past has been present in the public eye. Americans all across the nation are beginning to question the history around them, and many are noticing that the monuments and historic fixtures in their communities are unsolicited reminders of a darker time in our nation’s history.

The United States Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (World Heritage USA) has been awarded a grant by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the development of the Monuments Toolkit, a website and app aimed at answering questions about monuments of oppression.

Upon completion of this project we will have interactive maps, resources pages, decision guides, blogs, podcasts, and all of the other fantastic features at your fingertips. Creating accessible spaces to learn about the past puts society’s best foot forward for safeguarding our future.

Recent Toolkit Blog Posts

Redefining Public Space during the Russia-Ukraine War

After the world stopped for two years during the pandemic, Russia began their invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. Since that fateful day, the two nations have been locked in combat: affecting all corners of the world and claiming the lives of many. The Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, was…

December Webinar: What is Your Mount Rushmore?

Join the Monuments Toolkit team from 2 – 3:30 pm EST on December 19, 2022, for an online discussion entitled “What is Your Mount Rushmore?” This will be an informal luncheon or “coffee break” allowing for a more interactive discussion between the Monuments Toolkit Team and our live audience. Monuments Toolkit…

3 American Indian Monuments and the Leaders They Represent

By Miles Ezeilo One of the focal points of the Monuments Toolkit is to recognize heritage in all forms and fashions. This is exactly why we take pride in telling the correct versions of history: the most beautiful stories are the ones rooted in truth. This month we’re continuing with…

Webinar “Centering Oppressive Spaces with Digital Media”

Please join us online Friday 28 October, at 2 pm EDT for a free webinar entitled “Centering Oppressive Spaces with Digital Media.” This webinar explores the interactions between digital media, public spaces, and shared experiences. Developments in technology enable artists, researchers, and organizations to reinterpret history for advocacy and community representation. Through…

August Webinar: “Protecting the Legacy of ‘Comfort Women’ Memorials”

Register now for the August Monuments Toolkit webinar: “Protecting the Legacy of ‘Comfort Women’ Memorials.” Free / contribution optional. 4:30 – 6 pm EDT, Friday 26 August. Learn about how these monuments are under threat worldwide and about how San Francisco’s “Tower of Strength” memorial continues to stand. Register for…

Monuments Toolkit Webinar: Oppressive Monuments in the Museum Space

Friday July 29th, at 1PM EDT Register for free here! This month’s theme considers the possibility of public and private institutions to acquire and display oppressive monuments. The challenges faced in our public spaces are often discussed in the museum world. We should highlight their perspectives since museums directly influence…

Monuments Conference 2023

We are currently planning the Inaugural Monuments Conference for 2023.  In order to plan a conference that suits your needs, we need your help to complete this short survey!