Two Awards for Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS

Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS and former executive director of USICOMOS, has recently received two awards honoring his achievements and dedication to the field of Historic Preservation: the 2009 Beinecke-Reeves Award and recognition from Herencia Cultural Cabana.

2009 Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished Achievement Award in Historic Preservation (University of Florida, Center for World Heritage Research and Stewardship)

Gustavo Araoz was awarded the University of Florida College of Design, Construction and Planning’s 2009 Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished Achievement Award on 9 April 2009. The annual award recognizes an individual who, with a connection to the state of Florida, exemplifies the spirit of historic preservation and has demonstrated dedication to the field.
Read the full announcement on the website of the University of Florida:

Herencia Cultural Cubana

Gustavo Araoz was also honored by the organization “Herencia Cultural Cubana” in recognition and appreciation of his dedication to the preservation of the historic and cultural values of the Cuban nation.
Announcement in Spanish:

El pasado 13 de abril, HERENCIA CULTURAL CUBANA a invitado a sus suscriptores y amigos a la conferencia sobre Centros Patrimoniales del Mundo en Cuba, por el Arq. Gustavo Araoz, Presidente Mundial de ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) y Miembro Emeritus de Herencia Cultural Cubana.

En dicha ceremonia se le hizo entrega además del Diploma de Miembro Emeritus en agradecimiento a su fructífera e incansable labor dedicada a la preservación de los valores históricos y culturales de la Nación Cubana.

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