Historic Moravian Bethlehem to be Nominated as World Heritage Site

Moravian Church Settlement, Bethlehem, PA

We have exciting news regarding a potential new World Heritage Site in the United States: the U.S. Department of the Interior has authorized the Historic Moravian Bethlehem National Landmark District of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to participate in a multi-country nomination of historic ‘Moravian Church Settlements’ in Europe and North America. With its core of original buildings, Bethlehem preserves some of the most important structures and sites relating to the Moravians in the U.S. and is an outstanding example of Moravian architecture and town planning. Read about the properties in the nomination and plan a visit to Bethlehem.

The Nomination proposes that Historic Moravian Church Settlements in Bethlehem, Herrnhut, Germany, and Gracehill, Northern Ireland/United Kingdom join the Moravian World Heritage Site in Christiansfeld, Denmark (designated in 2015) as a single Moravian Church Settlement Site that represents the world-wide Moravian Church Settlements. The nomination will be considered by the World Heritage Committee in 2024. Learn more about the nomination.


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