“Representation: the Crux of Public Space” – A Year Later 


A year has passed since the thought-provoking webinar, “Representation: the Crux of Public Space,” captivated audiences with its exploration of public art’s role in reshaping our communities. Panelists James Dinh, founder of Studiofolia, and Omaid Sharifi, President of ArtLords, delved into the intersection of identity, culture, and public spaces.

James Dinh’s Studiofolia, based in Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of engaging communities through public art projects. His personal journey from Saigon to the U.S. adds a unique perspective, emphasizing the power of art to connect people to memory and place. With dual master’s degrees in landscape architecture and public health, Dinh brings a comprehensive approach to his creative endeavors.

Omaid Sharifi, a Curator, Artivist, and Fellow at Harvard University, brought a global dimension to the discussion. As the President of ArtLords, he showcased how art can be a catalyst for social change. His involvement in various organizations, including CIVICUS and Atlantic Council’s Millennium Leadership Fellowship Alumni, highlights the impact art can have on shaping a pluralistic and inclusive society.

The webinar challenged us to reflect on our public spaces and pondered the vital question: How well do our environments represent the diverse demographics and cultures that make up our communities? As we revisit this enlightening conversation a year later, the relevance of these discussions remain.

If you missed this transformative webinar or wish to revisit its insights, the recording is available here. Join us in rediscovering the powerful narratives shared by these influential voices in the realm of public art and representation.

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