Linking Nature and Culture: ICOMOS, IUCN Release "Connecting Practice" Project Final Report

This publication is the fruit of the collaboration between IUCN and ICOMOS to improve their work and expertise in the framework of their World heritage programmes.
The Connecting Practice project aims to explore, learn and create new methods of recognition and support for the interconnected character of the natural, cultural and social value of highly significant land and seascapes. The World Heritage Convention is the leading international instrument for conservation that brings together nature and culture. Yet a range of obstacles to good performance exist and need to be addressed.
The project is a joint initiative between IUCN (lnternational Union for Conservation of Nature) and ICOMOS (lnternational Council on Monuments and Sites) providing the opportunity for exploring how to form a more genuinely integrated consideration of natural and cultural heritage under the World Heritage Convention – ‘bridging the divide’ that is often observed between nature and culture – overcoming the many unintended adverse outcomes that can result.

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