With profound sadness, US/ICOMOS shares the news of the passing of Spencer Leineweber, PhD, FAIA

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It is with deep sadness that US/ICOMOS shares the news of the passing of Spencer Leineweber, PhD, FAIA. Among her many accomplishments, Spencer served as a Trustee of US/ICOMOS from 1994-2003. As a result of her tireless work for international culture heritage exchange, Professor Leineweber had a wide circle of friends and colleagues across the globe. Her family and friends will no doubt be comforted to learn that many of them have already reached out to express their sympathies, including a touching tribute received by US/ICOMOS from Elizabeth Vines, OAM, FRAIA, M.ICOMOS, President of ICOMOS Australia. Former ICOMOS International Vice President Kristal Buckley wrote to say of Spencer, “She was for many years, a wonderful and generous colleague that helped in joining up our countries and the Pacific Islands (including the important discussions that led to the establishment of ICOMOS Pasifika).” US/ICOMOS is grateful to Dr. William R. Chapman, Director of the Historic Preservation Program at the University of Hawai‘i’ at Manoa for sharing with us the following statement of Dr. Daniel Friedman, FAIA, Dean of the University of Hawai‘i School of Architecture

“With profound sadness and heartbreak, the faculty and staff of the School of Architecture mourn the passing of our esteemed colleague Professor Spencer Leineweber, PhD, FAIA. Spencer was an exemplary architect, teacher, mentor, and beloved kama‘aina. We offer our love and sympathies to her family, students, and friends.
Spencer was a dear friend to many in the international heritage conservation community. She served regularly on the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards jury, taught or lectured in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and China (among other countries), served as a board member for US/ICOMOS, and on countless other committees, delegations, and advisory groups. She was internationally recognized for her work as both a scholar and architectural practitioner. She was dedicated to her students and was a loyal and reliable ally to many. She was also was an inestimable repository of knowledge that, regrettably, can no longer be tapped. She will be sorely missed both as a resource and as a lively and engaging colleague and associate. Her loss will be felt by many.”

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