US/ICOMOS, NAPC team up for "Climate Impacts: Creating Resilient Cities and Sites" Mobile, AL + July 28, 2016


The National Alliance of Preservation Commissions and US/ICOMOS have teamed up to present Climate Impacts: Creating Resilient Cities and Sites and Towards US Best Practices for Managing Historic Resources in the Face of Global Change, a sequence of programs at the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions FORUM 2016 on July 28 in Mobile, Alabama.
Whether you’re a state or municipal preservation officer or volunteer commissioner, a historic site manager, or a consultant involved in preservation planning, knowing how to address the challenges of climate change is becoming a requirement for competency in the cultural heritage field; knowing how historic properties in your community can be made more resilient is key to public support and economic relevancy.
“Global Change: Creating Resilient Cities and Sites” is a sequence of NAPC FORUM sessions designed to engage those working on the front lines of historic preservation in a groundbreaking conversation on best practices and model strategies for managing and preparing historic resources for the eventual impacts of climate change.
Climate change impacts know no national boundaries, with otherwise-unconnected communities facing common climate change risk profiles. Desertification threatens places as divergent as China, Africa and the United States while coastal communities across the globe face a common threat from sea level rise. This dynamic places an enormous premium on cultural heritage professionals who can share learned experiences internationally. Through an innovative partnership with the US/ICOMOS Climate Change and Heritage Knowledge Community, “Global Change: Creating Resilient Cities and Sites” will weave international responses to heritage and climate change into the US domestic conversation on climate change in order to help attendees benchmark their work against peers abroad.
Confirmed or invited speakers include:

    • Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Union of Concerned Scientist
    • C. Elliott Perkins, Executive Director, New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission
    • Lisa Craig, Historic Preservation Officer, City of Annapolis
    • Prof. Andrew Rumbach, University of Colorado/Prof. Doug Appler, University of Kentucky
    • Ann Marie Chischilly, Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
    • Anne Garland, PhD., R.P.A. Applied Research in Environmental Sciences Nonprofit, Inc. and DHS CREATE
    • Dr. Marie-Yvane Daire, French National Centre for Scientific Research, CreAAH (Centre de recherches en archéologie, archéosciences, histoire), Rennes, France
    • Jeffrey P. Hebert, Chief Resilience Officer, New Orleans
    • Iain Hyde, Deputy Director, Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office
    • Andrew Potts, Executive Director, US/ICOMOS
    • Nell Ziehl,  Maryland Historic Trust
    • Alfonso Rafael Cabrera Cruz, Chief of Cultural Heritage, Cartagena, Columbia

NAPCForumLogoParticipation in the Climate Impacts: Creating Resilient Cities and Sites in included in registration for FORUM 2016. For more information and to register, visit

The generous support of the J.M Kaplan Fund and the National Park Service for this program is gratefully acknowledged. 

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