US/ICOMOS Elects New Board Memebers and Inducts New Fellows

At the US/ICOMOS Annual Meeting, held Saturday, May 31, 2008 during the 11th US/ICOMOS International Symposium, members elected four new members to the Board of Trustees. Retiring Board members due to term limits are Kathryn Barth (Colorado), Douglas Comer (Maryland) and Jonathan Poston (South Carolina; in addition, David Look (Virginia) resigned for personal reasons. Newly elected Board members for the four open slots are Lisa Ackerman (New York), William Dupont (Texas), Philip Marshall (Rhode Island), and Donovan Rypkema (Washington, DC).

Two new Fellows also were inducted at the Annual Meeting: Saidee Newell (post-humous) and Steven Kelley. Roy Graham (right, US/ ICOMOS Fellow) presented a moving tribute to the late Saidee Newell.

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