US Loses its Vote in UNESCO

Today the United States formally lost its vote in UNESCO due to the non-payment of dues. US/ICOMOS, together with Preservation Action and other organizations and individuals, has been working to increase public awareness of this issue for the past year. At our 2012 annual benefit gala in Washington, we were honored to have Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, as our guest speaker. This past summer, US/ICOMOS worked diligently with George Papagiannis, UNESCO liaison to the United States, and Preservation Action, to increase awareness of the potential impacts of losing the US vote. And most recently, at the National Preservation Conference, US/ICOMOS worked with the San Antonio Conservation Society, Preservation Action, a coalition of World Heritage supporters in Ohio, among others, to host an exhibit booth, donated by US/ICOMOS Board member Andrew Potts, on World Heritage and the potential effects of non-payment of dues on upcoming World Heritage nominations for US sites.

Unfortunately, these efforts have not yet had the positive effect we are seeking. However we continue to work to keep our members and the general public informed about thish important issue.

US/ICOMOS is pleased the Honorable Patrick J. Leahy, Senator for Vermont, will be our guest speaker at our upcoming benefit gala to be held December 11 in Washington, DC. Senator Leahy has been a strong and consistent voice in support of continued US participation in UNESCO.

Press Reports on the US Losing its Vote in UNESCO

Articles on this issue can be found at:

Washington Post –

New York Times


Preservation Action Lobbies for UNESCO

For more information on Presrevation Action’s efforts, please visit their website at

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