The Donaldson Futuro Added to National Register of Historic Places

We’re proud to announce that the 1969 Donaldson Futuro was added to the National Register of Historic Places at Statewide significance as the first resource of the year on January 4, 2021. In addition, the Donaldson Futuro on July 13, 2021, became California Registered Historical Landmark #1062.

As the dedication plaque states, “The Donaldson Futuro is significant as an example of America’s collective confidence as a leader in space flight, technological advancement, and economic prosperity.” Trustee Milford Wayne Donaldson and his spouse Laurie spent eight years restoring the yellow plastic home to its current glowing state. Read all about the Donaldson Futuro’s fascinating history and restoration here.

Photo: Laurie Galloway.

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