Symposium and Celebration 2023: Now is the Time to Act

This is the golden hour for our San Antonio Symposium – We need you to act on this now! It’s time to act, to do – register, sponsor, and spread the word about our San Antonio Symposium.

Please register for the San Antonio Symposium today. If you can, commit today to a sponsorship. You will find unique opportunities for incredible tours and experiences as part of sponsorship support. 

Why is it the golden hour? 

In photography, the golden hour is 60 minutes just before the sun goes over the horizon when the world is bathed in warm, golden light. The next two weeks constitute our golden hour for the San Antonio Symposium – the chance to make what we know will be an incredible professional event into a unique and memorable event by the participation of many and the connection we make to each other.

Our San Antonio events are scheduled for November 1-3, 2023. Now is the perfect time, the golden hour, to plan your travel and make your reservations. Please forward this post and sponsorship document to your friends, family, business associates, anyone you would like to share the opportunity to enjoy the rare cultural experiences that will be offered in San Antonio.

See you November 1 in San Antonio.

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