SAVE THE DATE: 2011 Ann Webster Smith Award Benefit

Ann Webster Smith Award Benefit
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Metropolitan Club, Washington, DC
US/ICOMOS will award the 2011 US/ICOMOS Ann Webster Smith Award for International Heritage Achievement to The Getty Conservation Institute.
US/ICOMOS is delighted to honor The Getty Conservation Institute at the annual Fall Award Benefit Thursday evening, November 3, 2011 at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, DC. The US/ICOMOS award nomination for the Getty Conservation Institute states,
“Since its creation in 1985 as part of the J. Paul Getty Trust, The Getty Conservation Institute has built an outstanding record as a leader in advancing conservation principles and practices and supporting projects to preserve heritage sites throughout the world. The mission of The GCI to enhance our nation’s participation in global stewardship embodies Ann Webster Smith’s vision for the role that American institutions and individuals should play as world citizens.”
With this award, US/ICOMOS celebrates the many significant contributions of The Getty Conservation Institute to the stewardship of our world heritage.
The Trustees of US/lCOMOS are looking forward to honoring The Getty Conservation Institute this Fall at the annual US/ICOMOS Ann Webster Smith Award Benefit.

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