RFQ: US/ICOMOS Executive Director

US/ICOMOS is seeking a highly qualified and experience individual to fill the position of Executive Director of the organization. The current Executive Director was recently elected International President of ICOMOS at the ICOMOS General Assembly in Quebec and is retiring from the position of Executive Director, but will continue with the organization as senior policy advisor. Having an American in such high international office presents US/ICOMOS with an unusual opportunity for a vastly increased international presence and growth. The new Executive Director will be charged with leading ICOMOS aggressively in that direction.

The position is defined in the US/ICOMOS By-Laws as follows:

“The Executive Director of US/ICOMOS is its chief executive officer, and reports to the Chair and Board of Trustees. The Executive Director has responsibility for the management and general supervision of the affairs of US/ICOMOS in accordance with ICOMOS Statutes, the US/ICOMOS By-laws, and the policies, programs, budget and instructions of the Board.” (Article 8 US/ICOMOS By-Laws)

The qualifications for the position are set forth below.

Applicants must have demonstrated experience and achievements in the following areas:

  • Managing a professional staff to conduct programs and provide support to a volunteer board and national membership organization.
  • Fundraising from public and private sources, including governments, corporations, foundations and individuals.
  • Obtaining and leveraging volunteer resources to accomplish organizational goals.

Applicants should have:

  • Knowledge of historic preservation, including international preservation issues.
  • Effective team building skills, mixing paid staff, consultants and volunteer individuals, to achieve common objectives.
  • Capacity to be a self-starter requiring minimal supervision, while knowing when Board approval is needed.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English and preferably in one additional language (French, Spanish or Arabic).
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

In executing the responsibilities for management and general supervision of US/ICOMOS, the Executive Director must ensure the capacity of US/ICOMOS (through a combination of personal, staff, and Board involvement):

  1. to implement a planning and execution process whereby US/ICOMOS Board and staff, in coordination with partners and stakeholders, meet organizational goals in a measurable and timely manner;
  2. to work with the Board and staff to establish and meet annual fund raising goals to sustain US/ICOMOS programs and staff;
  3. to manage effectively contracts and cooperative agreements with governmental, public, and private entities in performance of US/ICOMOS programs;
  4. to support the Board, International Officers and members in representing US/ICOMOS in ICOMOS and other national and international projects and fora that relate to the program priorities of US/ICOMOS, in ways that build on, and use, international and national networks to achieve concrete results;
  5. to manage a process for permanent membership development and retention;
  6. to carry out activities and advocate policies that advance the cause of international preservation of monuments and sites;
  7. to identify and disseminate to the Board, officers, members and other components and partners of US/ICOMOS information essential or useful to the missions of US/ICOMOS and ICOMOS; and
  8. to manage Board and committee meetings and activities, including the US/ICOMOS annual symposium, with effectiveness and efficiency, so that follow-up is assured, duplication avoided, and results are attained.

US/ICOMOS is a membership organization of 650 with a staff of two and annual budget of $450,000. The successful candidate will be responsible for raising salary within first six months of employment.

Compensation Levels
Compensation will be based, in part, on the qualifications of the candidate offered the position. An initial range of $65,000 – $100,000 plus benefits is envisaged, with the possibility of bonus compensation related to fundraising above current levels. US/ICOMOS is a small organization, and the successful candidate’s compensation will depend in part on additional fundraising.

How To Apply
Applicants should submit a resume and supporting documents electronically to “Executive Director Recruitment” at garaoz@usicomos.org or by mail to:

“Executive Director Recruitment”
401 F Street
NW, Suite 331
Washington, DC 20001-2728

All submissions must be received by close of business March 24, 2009.

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