Please Join Us for the US/ICOMOS Soiree to Protect United States World Heritage Sites and National Monuments

Please Join Us for the US/ICOMOS Soiree to Protect United States World Heritage Sites and National Monuments 
US/ICOMOS is calling for urgent action to protect the cultural and natural treasures of the United States
U.S. World Heritage Sites are threatened by unrelenting development proposals. At the Grand Canyon, for example, these threats include the construction of a cable car that would bring 10,000 people a day to the floor of the canyon; resumption of uranium mining in the area that in the past has resulted in devastating health affects to Native American communities; and construction of tourist facilities in locations that would deplete the water table. Fracking is proposed in the region of Chaco Culture National Historical Park that might very well destabilize the magnificent ancient architecture there.
To read more about the 2018 Soiree, visit our webpage. Purchase your tickets today!

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