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Jan C.K. Anderson, FAPT
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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Dear Members of US/ICOMOS,
The Fiftieth Anniversary year of US/ICOMOS, 2015, was truly an outstanding one.   The initiatives we launched last year had an important impact on, and contributed in a significant way, to the cause of international heritage conservation.  In addition, these initiatives have raised the profile of US/ICOMOS both domestically and abroad.  Our jubilee year marked the successful culmination of our first half century as an organization.  US/ICOMOS began 2016 on a high note and is well-positioned to build upon our recent successes.
This year, due to term limitations, there will be a major turnover of the US/ICOMOS Board leadership. This presents a challenge to ensure an effective leadership transition in order to maintain and build upon the achievements of the past year. The Chairman, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, have all reached the limits that US/ICOMOS bylaws set for officers serving in those positions.  As a result, we are seeking nominations for three officer positions, and in addition, ten trustee positions.
As Chairman, I urged the Board of Trustees at its April 8th meeting to move forward on the election now – in the first half of the year.  The Board concurred, and has agreed to expedite the election process.  This will put the new leadership in place several months earlier than if the election were held in the fall and will allow the newly elected board to participate in the process of selecting a new Executive Director.  That search is currently underway. US/ICOMOS will hold the election by e-mail ballot.  All members of US/ICOMOS will be able to participate in the election.
The first step is to solicit nominations from the membership. The US/ICOMOS Nominating Committee welcomes your nomination of candidates to fill three officer positions and ten trustee positions.  I have provided below information on the qualifications for officers and trustees.  In selecting trustees, US/ICOMOS strives to maintain a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and geography.
The Nominating Committee urges US/ICOMOS members to forward nominations of qualified persons to the Committee at by May 13th.  The nominations should include: (1) an email from the nominator, (2) the nominee’s short biography (not to exceed one page), and (3) the nominee’s statement of goals if elected and a description as to what makes him or her a qualified candidate (not to exceed 250 words).  The Nominating Committee will then prepare a slate of candidates for consideration by the Board, and the approved slate will be sent to the membership for their vote. You will find more information below.
My great thanks to you for your participation in this important election. The past year has been one of exceptional accomplishment for US/ICOMOS in large part due to your interest and engagement in the mission of US/ICOMOS.  I look forward to building on this success as we begin our second half century.
With my best regards,
Jan CK Anderson Signature
Jan C. K. Anderson, FAPT
Chairman, US/ICOMOS

In considering their nominations, US/ICOMOS members are strongly urged to use the following list of key qualifications of trustees and officers as a guide:
1)           Membership in good standing of US/ICOMOS.
2)           Demonstrated interest in US/ICOMOS and the preservation of the international cultural heritage.
3)            Experience in managing or influencing the management of a commercial, educational, professional or other enterprise — nonprofit or otherwise — with responsibility for conducting business affairs or programs and managing assets, both tangible and intangible.
4)            Working knowledge of the financial structures and the means by which nonprofit organizations customarily conduct their business affairs.
5)            Ability to creditably represent US/ICOMOS in public forums dealing with US/ICOMOS matters.
6)            Close relationships with other public and private institutions in this and related fields.
7)            Significant national and international professional connections.
8)            Capacity and willingness to give funds or raise funds for US/ICOMOS.
There are three officer positions to be filled: Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The position of Vice Chairman was filled in 2015 and is not scheduled for election at this time.
Board of Trustees
There are ten trustee positions to be filled.
Current trustees whose terms are expiring and are eligible for a second term are:  Brenda Barrett, Elizabeth Bartley, Nancy Hudson, Brian Lione, Yuan Liu, and Troy Thompson.

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