Join US/ICOMOS in Honolulu this Labor Day!

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US/ICOMOS is headed to Hawaii for its 2016 International Symposium, but with a twist! This  year, US/ICOMOS is teaming up with the Hawaii State Historic Preservation Division, the National Park Service and others to support a joint ICOMOS-IUCN journey at the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

This dedicated track of programming will focus on connecting natural and cultural heritage practice. ICOMOS participation in this partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is being supported by US/ICOMOS with help from ICOMOS France, ICOMOS Australia and the ICOMOS International Scientific Committees on Pacific Heritage (Pasifika); Polar Heritage (IPHC); Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL); Archeological Heritage Management (ICAHM); Historic Cities and Villages (CIVVIH); Cultural Tourism (ICTC); and Risk Preparedness (ICORP).
The quadrennial Congress will bring together thousands of leaders from around the world to advance conservation of the environment and harnessing the solutions nature and culture offer to meeting global challenges.  This is the first time this important international gathering is being held in the United States.
Experience demonstrates that in many landscapes, natural and cultural heritage are inextricably bound together and that conservation of these places depends upon better integration. Natural and cultural heritage experts face similar conservation challenges for places with complex biocultural systems and each brings a body of complementary knowledge and capacities. The Nature-Culture Journey will bring together these experts to explore these synergies to advance good practice.
The Nature-Culture Journey features over 25 sessions planned by ICOMOS & IUCN constituencies, ICCROM, the UNESCO World Heritage Center and many others, including:

  • Implementing the new UN SDGs.
  • Indigenous voices on nature/culture.
  • Integrating social & cultural dimensions into large-scale ocean conservation.
  • The ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ of food cultivation in land and seascapes.
  • How to form new partnerships across natural and cultural heritage.
  • People-centered approaches to conserving natural & cultural heritage.
  • Governance issues & the natural-cultural heritage distinction.
  • Cultural and spiritual significance of nature in protected area management.
  • Historic Urban Landscape: integrating culture and nature in urban conservation.
  • Cultural tourism management planning to sustain biodiversity and communities.
  • Lessons From Ancestors About Adapting to Climate Change.

To participate in the Nature-Culture Journey, you must register for the IUCN Congress HERE. Congress registration requires an IUCN account but accounts are available to all via the registration page.  Register by 31 May for lowest rates.  Special rates for Speakers and Hawaiian residents are available.   Visit HERE for more information on the Congress.
Watch for announcements for separate registration for special Nature-Culture Journey side events including a Welcome Breakfast on September 2nd, a closing reception on September 5th and specials sessions for US/ICOMOS members on the inter-linkages of natural and cultural heritage in the U.S. historic preservation context.

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