ICOMOS Issues Call for Projects, Partners for Habitat 3 Side Events

ICOMOS is now planning side event proposals for UN Habitat 3.  Habitat 3 is a once-every-20-years meeting designed to get global agreement on the elements of a policy agenda for sustainable cities for the 21st century.  The UN expects over 20,000 ministers from every country and all elements of society interested in urban matters to come to this Congress in Quito in October.  ICOMOS is preparing a Side Event proposal that would feature the very best examples in the world of culture and heritage-based strategies for creating safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable human settlements.  Part of the goal is to highlight best practices for building out UN SDG Target 11.4.

ICOMOS is looking for speakers who could present case studies and for potential partners.  The application deadline for Side Event proposals is May 31 so ICOMOS is asking that interested parties act quickly.  Attached is a concept note on ICOMOS’s idea about the types of side events we would like to organize. If you would like to present or have ideas on good prospects, please let me know as soon as possible. Self-nominations are encouraged!

Suggests for speakers and topics should include the following information:
1) The title of your intervention that would form a part of one of the sessions we propose;
2)  The name(s) of the speaker(s);
3) The names of any organizations we can list as partners; and 
4)  A very short description (just 2 or 3 sentences) of the intervention, using the framework of the attached document.

Agreeing to be included in our proposal is not a firm commitment to go to Quito; at this point it is aspirational! Indeed, ICOMOS will not know for a month or two if our side event is selected.
Read more about Habitat 3 Side Events 

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