ICOFORT 2016 International Conference on Military Heritage and Annual Meeting Announced

ICOFORT, the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage, has announced that its 2016 International Conference on Military Heritage and Annual Meeting will occur October 3 – 7, 2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The Theme is  “The Fortifications of the Southern Cone Santa Teresa and San Miguel and its importance in the cultural landscape.”   The Call for Papers due date is April 30, 2016.
US/ICOMOS offers special congratulations to US/ICOMOS member and ICOFORT President Dra. Milagros Flores Román on this important program.
The Congress is divided into five major themes: i ) Historical research and interpretation; ii ) Maintenance , materials , Rehabilitation and Reuse; iii ) Management and Sustainable Development; iv ) Cultural Tourism; and v) Heritage Education.
Participating institutions include ICOFORT and ICOMOS Uruguay as well as the Uruguay Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism and the University of the Republic, ORT University Uruguay, Municipality of Montevideo, Municipality of Rocha, Montevideo tourism cluster, Friends of the fortifications association and Cultural space AL PIE DE LA MURALLA.
ICOFORT was established by ICOMOS in 2005 to include:
• Promote awareness of the structures, landscapes and monuments, including its historical, architectural, artistic and scientific, and to promote the conservation and maintenance of military fortifications, structures, landscapes strength and other objects and places related to military heritage.
• Be available to help achieve ICOMOS his role as advisor to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
• Conduct specialized studies and encourage the application of professional experience in relation to the problems of conservation of historic fortifications and military heritage.
• Active pursuit of international cooperation for the identification, protection and preservation of historic fortifications, military structures, landscapes and military sites, other military heritage monuments.
Perhaps the most impressive part is helping ICOFORT ICOMOS as an advisor on Fortifications and Military Heritage World Heritage Committee.
In this capacity, from continuing ICOFORT ICOMOS is helping in the evaluation of the proposals made each year to the World Heritage List. Are conducted by experts ICOFORT members through two different missions, Technical Assessment Missions mission review and desk. Both are at the core of the evaluation of World Heritage nominations. Both missions are focused on three main aspects analyzed in consideration of World Heritage nominations: authenticity, integrity, and protection and management.
But the most important role undertaken by the committee is its contribution is to assist in the evaluation of the fortifications universal value in terms of three criteria requirements for declaration of value that are universal, authenticity, integrity and management of the nominated property.

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