ICIP and ICAHM Meetings Held in Washington

US members of two ICOMOS International Scientific Committees met in Washington while gathered for the US/ICOMOS Symposium. On Thursday, May 20, just prior to the annual meeting and symposium, US members of the International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP) met to discuss various related topics. The ICIP meeting was convened by ISC President and US/ICOMOS member Neil Silberman and US member John Jameson. For more information on ICIP, go to http://icip.icomos.org/ENG/home.html
On Saturday, May 22, upon conclusion of the symposium, US members of the International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) gathered together. The meeting was convened by ICAHM Co-President Douglas Comer. For more information on ICAHM, go to http://www.icomos.org/icahm/

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