Host an Intern or Travel Abroad: 2012 International Exchange

US/ICOMOS expects to support a number of internships overseas and within the United States in historic preservation during the course of 2012. This program provides unparalleled opportunities for preservationists early in their careers to gain hands-on experience in a country other than their own. The program is geared toward those nearing the end of graduate school or with 1-3 years of professional experience.  Placements are made by matching the skills/experience of each applicant with the needs of each host organization.

Prospective Interns

Applications from prospective interns are due January 31, 2012. Learn more or apply online.

Prospective Host Organizations

US/ICOMOS also seeks host organizations, such as non-profits, government agencies, and private firms, who are potentially interested in hosting a US/ICOMOS intern, whether in the United States or overseas.  Information on hosting US/ICOMOS interns and a letter of interest form can be foundhere.

2012 Program Schedule

The general schedule for the 2012 program is as follows, with most internships taking place during the summer months but some internships occurring during the fall as well. US/ICOMOS is willing to work with host organizations to accommodate different schedules and durations of internships where necessary.
Applications and Placement Decisions

January 31                Applications from prospective interns due
Letter of interest from prospective host organizations due

March 1                    Notification to applicants of the shortlist selections

April 1                      Notification of placement

Orientation, Summer Internships, and Final Program

May 30 – June 2        Intern orientation

June 3                     Interns travel to their host locations

June 7 – August 10    Internship at their host organization

August 14 – 17          Final program and reception in Washington, DC
Fall interns arrive for orientation

Fall Internships

August 18                Summer interns return home

After August 18        Fall interns travel to their host organizations

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