Charter of Historic Towns Updated

A working meeting of the International Scientific Committee for Historic Towns (CIVVIH-ICOMOS) was held in Athens, 8-9 May 2009, to update the Charter of Historic Towns. 22 Years after its adoption, new evidence has arisen which necessitates the the reformulation of the guidelines for the specialists engaged in the protection of Historic Towns.

Image from the Committee’s discussion, it was unanimously decided to maintain the Charter of Historic Towns in its initial form, “as it constitutes a «historic text» as well as to draft a guidelines text completing and taking into consideration all the precedent relative theoretic texts and which will be addressed not only to professionals, but also to the regional bodies, the decision-making centers of the political and state bodies.”

A forthcoming revision of the guidelines text will include definitions, aspects of change, principles, as well as proposed policies and strategies. “Moreover, it will include elements which either have not been mentioned in previous texts, or have not been adequately analyzed (for example, tangible and intangible values, environmental assessment, sustainable development, the meaning of urban landscape, the understanding of the historic town within the ensemble of the town and its territory, the need for buffer zones that contribute to the protection, the need for drawing up management plans etc).”

The complete report can be downloaded in PDF
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