Call for Nominations: US/ICOMOS Board Members

The Nominating Committee of the US/ICOMOS Board of Trustees is hereby soliciting nominations of members to stand for election to fill up to five vacancies that will exist on the Board of Trustees. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are truly passionate about international cooperation in heritage conservation to make a difference.

Elections will be held at the annual meeting May 20, 2010, to be held in conjunction with the 13th US/ICOMOS International Symposium in Washington, DC (May 20-22, 2010).

Members of US/ICOMOS are encouraged to participate in the nomination process by forwarding suggestions of qualified persons or expressions of personal interest, along with a short biography, to by March 24, 2010.

In considering nominations, US/ICOMOS members should bear in mind the following list of desirable qualifications of Trustees:

  1. Demonstrated interest and knowledge in international heritage conservation and in the work of ICOMOS;
  2. Working knowledge of the financial structures and the means by which non-profit organizations conduct their business affairs;
  3. Ability and desire to creditably represent US/ICOMOS in national and international public forums dealing with international heritage conservation issues and the concerns of US/ICOMOS and ICOMOS;
  4. A firm commitment to raise funds and secure contributions, grants and sponsorships to support the programs of US/ICOMOS and its institutional growth;
  5. Enthusiasm and imagination for bringing about more effective cooperation between the United States and other countries to achieve better protection of the cultural heritage; and
  6. Willingness to attend the Board meetings of US/ICOMOS and to actively participate in its activities and committees.

US/ICOMOS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the District of Columbia. The Board seeks to maintain a geographic, gender and ethnic diversity that is fully representative of the United States and its cultural heritage.

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