Blue Shield Australia Symposium on Cultural Heritage, Climate Change, and Natural Disasters

The Blue Shield of Australia invites professionals involved in cultural heritage preservation, as well as emergency responders and disaster management professionals to attend their 2018 Symposium, January 29-30 at the National Library of Australia in Canberra. From the organization’s website:

“The purpose of the symposium is to share expertise, experiences and case studies of the protection of cultural heritage in times of natural disaster, as well as to discuss climate change and the strategies being put in place by the sector to work towards a sustainable future. The Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Pacific Regions are often affected by natural disasters and we look forward to learning from each other to advance the work of the International Committee of the Blue Shield to safeguard cultural assets for future generations.”

Additional information and a PDF flyer are available on the organization’s website. Register here to receive email updates or to express interest in attending.

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