March 11 – 15, 2009 in New Orleans

Disaster Preparedness, Rapid Response, and Sustainable Recovery in the 21st Century
Jonathan Poston, Clemson University/Charleston
Chair, World Heritage USA Symposium Committee

The 2009 World Heritage USA International Symposium will address recurrent issues of disaster preparedness, rapid response, and sustainable recovery utilizing examples from across the U.S. and around the world that have dealt with flood, fire, earthquake, and other natural and human-made threats to heritage sites.  Presentations will highlight critically-assessed lessons learned. Specifically, the symposium will include:

  • A pre-conference tour on the Mississippi Gulf Coast;
  • Presentations on heritage management in times of disaster; and
  • Field sessions throughout New Orleans neighborhoods during the conference.

Through symposium activities, participants will gain first-hand exposure to the range of issues and the challenges for preparedness and response.  By assessing existing models and through dialogue with presenters, participants will have the opportunity to compare and evaluate practices to find effective and sustainable strategies for use in the U.S. and abroad.

As a result of symposium efforts, World Heritage USA is confident that this exchange can promote a national model of preparedness, response and recovery for heritage sites. The resulting plan toward developing a model will better protect American heritage and also play a significant role in translating that protection to aid our friends throughout the world. A final report to be prepared upon completion of the symposium will provide a framework for a disaster preparedness, rapid response, and sustainable recovery model that can be built upon and implemented within in the U.S and will assist with U.S. assistance provided overseas.

For the symposium program (subject to change), please view the program in the following pdf files:

Part 1 – Contents, Program at a Glance, and Symposium Theme
Part 2 – Venues
Part 3 – Schedule of Presentations
Part 4 – Pre- and Post-Conference  Tours
Part 5 – Abstracts and Speaker Bios
Conference Hotel – information on the Hotel Monteleone

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