Celebrate with US/ICOMOS: 2022 International Exchange Program (IEP) Closing Ceremony

Please join us for our first live event since 2019!
Tuesday the 30th of August, 5 – 7 pm EDT
in Washington, DC

Spend time with emerging and established heritage professionals and learn about the exciting work of our IEP Class of 2022. These nine women spent time in the U.S. and abroad undertaking projects in archaeology, building restoration, cultural landscape research, historic research, community building and worldwide sustainable development. Join us to meet them and learn more.

This free event will take place in the ACHP Conference Room at 401 F Street, Ste 308, Washington D.C.. You must RSVP in advance of the event: https://usicomos.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/usicomos/eventRegistration.jsp?event=77&


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